Monday, October 21, 2013

The Dolan Company - Law Services

It turns out that The Dolan Co. has been written up a number of times since I bought it so there's likely no reason to repeat what has been said here and here.

In brief, Dolan's a cross between The Daily Journal and Epiq Systems, but levered. It has mostly disposed of its unattractive operating units and is now in a position to generate somewhere between $23 and $25 million in free cash flow. There are covenant issues and management is in the process of negotiating these with its lenders.

Disclosure: I own a piece of DM

Update: November 8, 2013

I'm out of DM. This development adds an element of risk that I'm not comfortable with. (I no longer feel as though I have grasped the entirety of the narrative; that's the worst kind of risk to take on). There are other, clearer opportunities with similar upsides. Next week's quarterly conference call should provide clarity on the company's plans for raising the $50m.


  1. Hi,

    What do you make of this?

  2. Hi.
    Not a positive development. One would have thought that the terms would be better given the sale of NDeX.


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