Monday, July 22, 2013

Portfolio Update

I'm out of Precia with a 17.4% gain (8.1% from share price, 2.2% from the dividend and 4,9% from the exchange rate effect) which is well below the returns from the index (pick one, it doesn't matter much). 

It's still inexpensive, though (like GEA SA) it requires more patience than I am able to muster, especially with some interesting names reporting over the next few days.

I suspect that I'll circle back to it at some later date.


  1. Funny...I just bought it a few months ago at 75 after I read about Precia on your blog and others.

    1. Hi Hans,

      Its value hasn't changed. My decision to sell is basically of a reflection of the fact that a substantial share of my portfolio allocation is weighted toward "patient value" rather than "value with catalyst" opportunities. So my decision to sell is very much to do with the idiosyncracies of my portfolio rather than with the my confidence in Precia.

      As I say, I'll probably come back to it and probably at a higher entry price.

    2. Portfolio considerations are very important of course. I'm still building up my stocks (about 50% allocated right now, rest is in cash) and perfectly willing to sit Precia out for a few years.


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