Monday, March 25, 2013

Trust Deficit

Judges Scientific and Elektron Technologies are so similar that they could easily be confused for each other.

Well, except for this:

Got that? Owning 13.4 million shares makes one’s interests more aligned with that of all shareholders than does owning 9.7 million shares.

Who says that irony is dead?


  1. Brilliant post, completely agree. I've owned both companies in the past and sold out of EKT immediately after that joke of an incentive plan and bought a lot more JDG. The treatment of shareholders are both at complete opposite ends of the spectrum - David Cicurel of Judges goes out of his way to attend meetings with private investors and keep them up to date on how he's getting on (which from the latest final results, appears to be still brilliantly). A great example of how to run a company well.

  2. Red - sell your SCHS bonds ASAP and go short them if you can get a borrow. Read the amended disclosure statement filed today. I'm learning a very painful lesson for passive minority shareholders/creditors. Ciao

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Sam. I never did end up getting into the SCHS convertibles; I bought the Cybergun bonds instead.


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